About Abfab

About Abfab Designs

Teena Hughes, Australian Silk Artist

Photo of one of Teena’s paintings of Double Island,
far north Queensland © 2003
[Teena loves this part of the world and gained much inspiration on her several sojourns, living in the tropical rainforest region close to the Great Barrier Reef]

Teena’s Abfab Collection consists of hand painted silk wearable art, paintings and wallhangings.

Each one of Teena’s silk pieces is a unique piece of art, created with a combination of vibrant colour, an overwhelming sense of wellbeing and a love of nature.

Whether wearing an Abfab Collection wearable art piece, or displaying an original Teena painting, you will be surrounded with colour which will make your heart want to sing.

You can easily view the gorgeous silk clothing by clicking the wearable art link in the Menu.

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