koala face
Double Island
handpainted silk
silk crocodile

Colour choices

Purple & lime
Purple & lime

Hot pink & orange
Hot pink, yellow & orange

Turquoise, purple & lime
Turquoise, lime, purple #1

Hot pink, yellow
Hot pink & yellow

Coral Sea
Coral Sea [hot pink, purple, lime green, purple, orange]

Hot pink & lime
Hot pink & lime green

Hot pink, purple, orange
Hot pink, purple, orange

Lime, turquoise
Lime green, turquoise

Hot pink, orange

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Wearable art :: Haori :: short

This beautiful Haori Jacket is handpainted silk chiffon, sensual and floaty : light as a breeze!
available in 2 lengths : shown here is the short version, [click here to see longer version ]

The colours shown in this coat are what Teena describes as "the Coral Sea, reminiscent of the Great Barrier Reef kaleidoscopic hues ...", and you can also choose to have your Haori painted in any other combination of the bright colours shown in the Colour Choices at the left of the screen.

Hand-dyed silk Haori
- or -
*Handpainted silk Haori

(*Hand painting silk is labour intensive and requires a much longer time for me to hand paint all the colours, one by one, with a small paintbrush.)

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